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Phrancheyez said:
I hope all goes well for 360 during this, if indeed it actually does happen. I'm just not holding my breath: based on Microsofts track record, I expect major problems with the new interface, which would destroy all of this speculated hype leading up to it. I hope for their sake this isn't true; hopefully they put the required time into this new interface and didn't rush it like they're known to. I highly prefer my PS3 over 360, but I still have a 360, I still use it to play online with my friends. I'd rather not have to deal with problems, so like I said - I hope it goes smoothly when the new interface is introduced.

If the Sirius rumor is true, that's a plus for me. I already have a lifetime subscription, because Sirius Satellite Radio is, as their promo states, the best radio on radio. I don't listen to FM radio, and haven't literally in 2 years. I just hope that if this rumor is true, I can use my existing subscription on my 360, otherwise this feature is useless.


Having been forced to use Windows since version 1.0, I fully appreciate how difficult and buggy MS interfaces can be.  However, I've had my 360 for over 2 years and haven't really seen any example of MS having "rushed" the interface.  Can you be more specific of times when the 360 interface has had major problems due to MS rushing their development?