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I hope all goes well for 360 during this, if indeed it actually does happen. I'm just not holding my breath: based on Microsofts track record, I expect major problems with the new interface, which would destroy all of this speculated hype leading up to it. I hope for their sake this isn't true; hopefully they put the required time into this new interface and didn't rush it like they're known to. I highly prefer my PS3 over 360, but I still have a 360, I still use it to play online with my friends. I'd rather not have to deal with problems, so like I said - I hope it goes smoothly when the new interface is introduced.

If the Sirius rumor is true, that's a plus for me. I already have a lifetime subscription, because Sirius Satellite Radio is, as their promo states, the best radio on radio. I don't listen to FM radio, and haven't literally in 2 years. I just hope that if this rumor is true, I can use my existing subscription on my 360, otherwise this feature is useless.