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I usually do not recount rumors I read. However their are exceptions to every rule. For me there are two exceptions to this rule. The first being that the rumor seems to be reliable, because it relates to pertinent facts. Something I could cross check like a web registry, a patent, or a copyright. The second excpetion is for rumors that are not necessarily stupid, but most definitely not the mundane you here time and again. What follows is a rumor I read on a black forum that definitely falls into that bizarre category. So take it for what it is probably someones creative bullshit.

This all said it is a particularly interesting concept, and if nothing else it raises the question would it work. Why not do something like this. What would it mean if it were true, and so forth. Remember this thread isn't asking is this rumor true, or proving that this rumor is nonsense. I have already said it is practically complete bullshit. So hey why waste the time. Shoot the shit, and please do not stir the shit. Lets not have this degrade into some flame war with an associated ward of burn victims. That said if someone decides to turn this thread into a battle field I will be the first to ask a moderator to lock the shit down.

Without further procrastination the rumor paraphrased. Also known as not word for word. The author asked I must abide.

September 25th 7pm EST. Microsoft will start a five hour countdown to relaunch their console. Yes that is right nothing short of a relaunch is acceptable. At the end of the five hours your console will update to the new interface with full functionality. To promote this most historic event with a full fledged media blitz. Microsoft has gone so far as to rent television space as in rent a channel. For those five hours G4 television will cover the event exclusively with live coverage. For those with Live they will be able to download or stream the channel.

First there are three new pages that are going to be unveiled. The first page is a strategic partnership with Sirius Satelite Radio. For a modest monthly fee you will be able to run Sirius radio through your 360 with no additional hardware needed, and you will be able to pay for the service with Microsoft points. The upside is that everyone with access to live will get a free week to play with the service, and it will be accessable while in game. 

The second page is a new music store for downloading music directly onto your 360. Once again for an obvious charge which can be made through Microsoft points. However you will also be able to download some game music free of charge. How could we play Gears of War 2 without playing the Halo concerto right over the games music.

The third channel is called mad lib, and the author claims to have absolutely no clue as to what mad lib is about. However the author suspects it has something to do with a picture within picture function. I have no clue why anyone would want a picture within their game, but what the hell this rumor is batshit crazy anyway.

Microsoft will release a dozen new demos after the launch. There will be four new downloadable pieces of content a preview of the GTA DLC. A Mass Effect expansion. Portal and a free map pack for Halo 3.

Microsoft will unveil twelve new games never seen before that will be exclusive or first on the 360. Strangley enough the author only gives out code names for said games. Though they speculate that among them is Assassins Creed 2, Mass Effect 2, A new Conker title, A rare shooter new franchise, and two new Halo titles. Apparently from what they were told.

Apricot, Burden, Conker, Dramatis, Error, Fender, Gargoyle, Hiroshima, Ignorance, Jeremiah, Kyoto, London.

Then there are six free xbox originals that will be available for download. Three of which are not yet on the service, but will be available right after launch. The only game the Author could confirm was Halo would be a free game. These games will only be available to Live gold members, and they will only be available to those that have an account of long standing.

Like I said a incredibly insane rumor, and believe me I toned it down. There was a lot of shit on the list that meant absolutely nothing to me. Functions I have never heard of. Supposedly all the points are supposed to add up to 36 points. I probably missed a couple. Anyway have fun with the sick twisted rumor I found.