Most of you can see what Sony is trying to do here. 1)They are trying to re-invent the processor (Cell), 2)They are trying to bring more 'cute' stuff to the table (LittleBigPlanet), 3)They are trying to lead the market for the next standard in media storage (Blue Ray), 4)They are also trying to get people from all backgrounds of life. Be it hard core gamer or mature casual/young professional to get online (Home), 5)Lots of PR stuff about using the console for science research (Stanford University) And many others I can't really think of right now.You think they will lower the price of the PS3 while trying to do all this at the same time (where the other 2 major players are just concentrating on a decent games console)? I don't think so, Sony is taking on a hell of a lot. And the way I'm looking at it they are trying to stick a finger in EVERY PIE. So really I don't see a price drop too soon, best bet for Sony in the short term would be to do some good deals. Then maybe in 6 months or so think about dropping prices. *Quartz hopes he has not killed the thread!

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