the 360 had supply constraints, but regardless of all of that the 360 didn't sell that well during that time. It didn't really have to, it had no next gen competition at the time. You can compare the 2 launches all you want, but we're talking about right now. It didn't matter that the 360 didn't start out so well because it got its killer app at the release of the other systems and has picked up momentum. They didn't let the release of the other systems steal all the thunder. The fact remains that developers have a much better chance to get money on the 360 or Wii (look at the february charts). Highest selling game on ps3 was a launch title and ranked 19th. The fact still remains that the 360 has 8 million more consoles out there, and if developers want to make a game geared toward american audience they have about 5 times the consoles out there.

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