Stromprophet said: I saw an article from an analyst reporting on the February sales of PS3. And they said a PS3 price cut was critical. What do you guys think? Would you buy the PS3 at 100 bucks less? For me I really think it's priced appropriately for all the technology that's inside. But J6P can't just spend 500 bucks when they are used to spending about 300 dollars for a brand new realeased system. *If* M$ price cuts I would expect Sony would have no other choice. Right now Microsoft is losing market share which is the one reason they would price cut. But I expect everyone waits a few more months to see results. I think the first month Microsoft would compare is May 2007 to May 2006 when the 360 was no longer supply constrained. If they don't see a year over year gain I think they would consider cutting the price.
I wouldn't give more than 300$ for a console.