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BTW: I do not have the talent to work for a site as prestigious as theirs. I would love to learn how to right all proper and the like.

I like em because they use God's perspective and not the shifting in the sands thought process mere people uze.

With statements like these it is pretty hard to believe you.

Why? Are you not used to meeting people who have a relationship with God? 81% of Americans claim to be Christian, so you should have run into a few of us in yous life.



There is a difference from claiming, and actually having faith, you know?

I don't think jesus review's video games... so how would they know his perspective? I'll tell you how, they don't. Since some of the things they say make no sense at all.

Anyway, the site seems like a joke, but it isn't, which makes it all the more sad for me, since I am one of the few christians on this site.

Christians have a relationship with God.