The Fury said:
I think general concensus says PES, I am not really a football game player but both are good.

My brother and I call it ISS as PES is just about 7 or 8 sequals after the original International SuperStar Soccer for the SNES. He once had a arguement with someone about what awas better, the new ISS or the new PES...only later did they realise they were argueing for the same game.

ISS and PES are two different games.... sure it started off as ISS and then became ISS: Pro Evolution Soccer, but they branched it into two different games. You might remember for a while PES was released on the PS2 while ISS was released on the cube, xbox and gamecube. They were made by two different development teams. They eventually stopped making ISS to concentrate on just PES.   <-- ISS 3 on the ps2

As for the question. PES all the way. FIFA is horribly dull.