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Gobias said:
twesterm said:
steven787 said:
twesterm said:
ssj12 said:
fazz said:

And more Epic Hotness

pic 1 - holy hell how did that happen?

pic 2 - disagree with the caption



You're probably the only one :P


I wouldn't shit bricks.  I wouldn't say no either.


hmm, I think I might be taking the poster the wrong way.  I assumed you would shit bricks over how awesome her eyes are.  >_>


Actually ssj has it wrong in this case. You're correct.

Oh god, now I have her stuck in my head! >_<

What's her name anyway?


Random game thought :
Why is Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 getting so much hate? We finally get a real game and they're not even satisfied... I'm starting to hate the gaming community so f****** much...

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