Kyros said:

They are deliberately losing potential buyers with this move. Sure that the game will sell very well on the HD consoles

The thing is you only have so many development resources. So you will target your most important platforms first. As a PS3 owner I have felt the bad side of this a couple of times especially from PC developers like Valve that can easily port something to the 360 because they can use the same tools, Direct3D etc. but have to do more work to port it to the PS3.

I think this approach is good. Better make the game great on one platform and take your time to port instead of making a crappy multiplatform release. Sadly I like PC games so perhaps I have the wrong console in this regard.


Oh and if your game sold ~3m on HD consoles and 600k on Wii you cannot fault them for prioritizing accordingly.

Oh, we know that; that's why we want a day-and-date simultaneous release of the Wii version.  So that we have a chance to show that the Wii can benefit just as much from the early launch as the HD consoles (with the initial advertising push, especially)

Also, is it really up to 600k?  Damn, that game blew past my expectations, considering the last time we saw it in the top 200 was like a month ago or something, and it was at like 200k or something then...

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