kber81 said:
Bodhesatva said:

If our metric for quality is majority opinion, then obviously most people don't agree that the PS3 has the best games, either. It is by far the least popular console of this generation. Therefore, the PS3 is the worst.


Please. This is just silly. You act like a kid. What are these PC games that humilate consoles? Starcraft? WoW?

What? This isn't relevant to my post. You said that most people don't agree that PC games are the best.

Again, if you believe that the best measurement for system quality is popularity, then the PS3 is the least popular platform of this generation (it's difficult to tell how many people have high end PCs). Therefore, the PS3 (or PC, perhaps, although I think at least 4 million people have bought high end PCs in the last 2 years) is the worst platform of this generation.