akuma587 said:
Bodhesatva said


Ah, then if expense is your concern, you should definitely get a Wii. You can buy one for half the price of a PS3, and it comes with a game! In addition, the new games are 10 dollars cheaper, so you save money in the long run, as well.

Lol, you can't just give the polar extremes and say that those are the best two options.

Do you deny they are the best two options given your apparent requirements? I meant that honestly. Are you denying that the PC has superior controls to the PS3/360, or that the Wii is cheaper than the PS3/360?  Honestly, I'm curious. I'm not being coy. Answer these questions, very specifically:

1) Do you believe that the PS3/360 gamepad has more precise controls than a Mouse/Keyboard?

2) Do you believe the PS3/360 are cheaper than the Wii?

I assume your answers are "no" and "no," and if so, then I don't see what mistake I've made.