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Feb 2007 Canada (NPD)

The Wii was the top-selling console in February in terms of unit sales, followed by the PlayStation 2 - with consumers taken advantages of lower prices for the PS2 machine.
The Nintendo DS was third, ahead of the Xbox 360, the PSP, Nintendo's GameBoy Advance and the PlayStation 3.
The 360 game Crackdown ranked second in February sales, behind only Nintendo's Wii Play. Lost Planet was No. 6 and Gears of War was No. 9 - both for the 360.
The lone PS3 game in the top 20 February sales chart was Resistance: Fall of Man at No. 20, although Sony had two PS2 games on the chart (Guitar Hero 2 at No. 10 and EA's made-in-Canada NHL 07 at No. 11) and a PSP title (Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters at No. 16).
Games for Nintendo hardware (Wii, DS, GameCube and GameBoy Advance) occupied 11 of the 20 places on the sales chart with Xbox 360 claiming the remaining five.