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Well february didnt see too much PS3 games until the end when F1 and Virtua Fighter 5 arrived .I think the march data should definitely improve the sales something as NBA Homecourt ,Motorstorm ,Oblivion ,Armored Core 4 ,NBA College Hoops ,Flow ,Tekken Dark Ressurrection ,Dej Jam Icon ,Splinter Cell DA ....all come out in march .In any case actually outselling the other plattforms in unnecesary for the PS3 ,what it has to do is to create some ground for itself ,attract enough hardcore gamers to make it a viable plattform ,sell a lot of software (and without piratery this will be easier ) .....the masses will follow later when its price drops and the more casual games (Singstar ,Little Big Planet ,Eye of Judgement ) arrive .