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weaveworld said:
Well then, why don't we let the person who is being referred to as an unmanly and weak person decide...

This has nothing to do with believes, it says something about the way somebody is acting, being it wuss-like, sissy or fag...

I find it that there are worse things mods should be concerned about, and not about somebody who has an opinion about a fictional characters behaviour. He did not call Tidus gay or homo, although the 'laughing' scene was pretty gay... (and again not to be interpreted as homo-sexual)

You've taken this thread far enough off topic already, stick to the topic or don't post because this issue isn't up for debate in this thread.  If you want to persue it further your only legitimate course of action is to contact Naznatips.

In the meantime my decision stands.

To Each Man, Responsibility