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@grey, listen i never said that those things weren't in brawl.
I'm saying that the importance of those things isn't there.

look, all the stuff is there, but when you get down to it. I can really only expect a range of 2-3 moves in any situation in brawl.
I know, I've played extensively, had all three games. (in fact i think brawl is the least balanced. so the opposite of what you think) And I've been amazing at them games for as long as i've had them. In fact I don't recall losing to anyone in any ssb games.

The thing about fighting games (and here is where your actual fight question comes into play), is that the mental game is so important.
Now whether or not you think an ssb game is mentally difficult, that's your opinion; but honestly it's not.
You cannot gamble in an ssb game. There is always 1 best move in any situation. It's predictable.
Sure you can predict 10 hit combos and stuff like that. But then again, if you think a fighting game is played, then maybe you should stick to Brawling instead.

Note: Once i figured out how to play as yoshimitsu, most other fighting games couldn't compare, except voldo from sc.
You just can't tease, hit hard, embarass (with the most difficult to pull off moves in either game) like you can in those two games. And trust me, controlling your opponents emotions are the key to winning in real fights as well.
ssb isn't a fighter, it's a fun game, a great game with fighting elements. It's a blast to play and a credit to every console it has been on.

TO REITERATE: yes ssb has those elements of fighting in it. Only each one of them together is a bag of skittles compared to the 20-course meals of a fighter like sc,tekken, and vf.

TO TRANSLATE: when i said something about equal ability for characters, i mean: a character that hits for 1/5th of the damage of everyone else, with the same , or even sometimes slower speed, can still drop a hard fisted bolt of lightning character; given that the person playing him has put at least as much experience into learning the character as the other guy has for his character.