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It is obviously either (VF, TEKKEN, SC) either one.
You SMBers talk about what you can do in approach....
any one of those games you have to think about hit speeds, feinting, reversals, leads, low or high blocks/reversals, how known a combo might be (to protect against blocks, parry, counters), how known an opener is, using unknown characters, grabs, side-steps, grab combos, grab openers, stuns, recovery times vs pokes and others, gambling strikes (sacrificing a large recovery time for a possible setup, know most everyone's combos and counters and block paths.
Every character can beat another character of equal skill in these games.
in ssb and others, some characters are simply "low tier"
you guys brag about who's high tier and whatnot. A great fighting game has no tiers.
Greatness is not shooting zipping around the field. Reflexes are not what makes a good fighting game. Fighting games are all about the mental game.
Nothing better than sacrificing your health to hurt someone in a crazy complex move, that has such a short reach, only the great ones can use it correctly.
(yoshimitsu's harikiri)