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Quite simply it depends on whether you include reaction speed and toning of reflexes in "skill". If reflexes are included the answer is clearly Tekken. That game is less move knowledge and more knowing opponents moves and being a fast reactor (for counters, quick strikes ect). It is quite possible in Tekken to go game upon game vs decent opponents without taking a single hit using someone fast like Nina through quick reaction speed.

In terms of difficulty when it comes to understanding the system and moves then Virtua Fighter is harder (though less demanding in terms of lit fast reflexes). Mastering the high end combos in Virtua Fighter is way harder then the 10 hits in Tekken (which seldomly work anyway). Despite that I find Tekken to be loads more fun; tekken 3 is STILL a blast.


   Smash bros is, more or less, a joke game when it comes to fighting just like Mario Kart is when it comes to racing.  Yes there is strategy and reflex involved, but it is just not in the same league as a game like Virtua Fighter.  Smash bros is to other real fighting games what Mario Kart is to a game like Gran Turismo.  I mean Smash bros is fun and all, and I know some people REALLY think its hardcore (I played with some friends who actually had a league going for it) but its just not.  Someone with limited skill and great reflexes will win in Smash Bros every time; that game is 99.9% reflexes once you learn the basic moves with your character since the move list is so limited.  Vs anyone good its a boring hour of roll blocking, there is not the complex difficulty of countering opponents you find in Virtua Fighter or Tekken.

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