mysticD said:

Well, with this news from Activision, I am sure going to pick up Guitar Hero IV. They also have very nice track selections.

Well your comment that Activision is pro-consumer is probably about as lame to me as my comment that Guitar Hero IV can't compete to you so let say we disagree on that point. I am not here to pick fight with you.

However, I have lost much faith in Activision and Guitar Hero. You can check my tag and see that I didn't touch GH III at all after I got Rock Band. I prefer Rock Band game play, presentation, DLC and set-list over GHIII.

Nowhere am I saying they care for the consumer and look out for them.  My point was they are saving the consumer a good $200 plus and making themselves millions more by making the Rock Band instruments compatible.  It's a business move that benefits both ends.


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