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From now on I will be posting a "*Buy It Now!*" thread every month. The goal of the thread is to get people to buy a certain game when it comes out. I will be posting a new one sometime in the 1st week of every month. Its a new thing that I want to do in 2010 but didn't have a January game which would have been M.A.G. Any way I am now starting with February 2010. I will also put my game of the month in my sig every month.

February 2010

The game for February 2010 is...

Endless Ocean Blue World. The game Endless Ocean Blue World is an amazing simulation game for the Nintendo Wii. The game takes you into a world of sea life and adventure. You can pick either to just relax and have fun swimming or you can have a more adventure like experience and look for many animals to save. Also watch out for the dangerous animals which will make you start back on the island if you lose a lot of oxygen. This game also marks the first new home Nintendo franchise since Animal Crossing.(I don't count the wii named games) This game will be a blast and looks like it will improve over the first game in a HUGE way. The game will also be the 2nd Nintendo game to support the Wii Speak item and you can now get Endless Ocean Blue World with Wii Speak together for only $30! but get it fast because its only while supplies last.(Get this deal at Gamestop or Toys R Us) This is a fantastic game that everyone needs to buy when it comes out or even preorder it.

Endless Ocean Blue World:



Rest of Others:2/25/2010

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And whose gonna be the one who sends me the money

Might want to work on the presentation a bit... mainly the text colour tbh.

However, nice idea... and I applaud your first choice. I am going to sink so much time into this game.

^ Thanks

I already preordered it from Toys R Us with Wii Speak!

Good idea, but I would have been disappointed with M.A.G. Nothing against the game, but if you're going to do threads like this, my advice would be to keep it as the 'diamond in the rough' kind of games. Not big games everyone knows about - games that fly under the radar that should be really good. Kudos for this choice, as I haven't heard anything about this game before. I will read up on it now.

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No sale for me. :(

^ Why not?

Just looks boring to me.

^ You have a right to make your own opinion.

This game will be great though also if you don't have Wii Speak yet then you can get it with the game for only $30. I thought the game was boring at first as well but now I think it looks great and its for a low price.

It reminds me of Afrika and Flower as well. Not saying they are bad games at all. Just not for me.