Fable III Reveal and new Announcements at X10!

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Lionhead studios hinted a couple of weeks ago that Fable III was going to be shown for the first time next month. Now official confirmation arrives and next month means February 11 at Microsoft's recently announced X10 event in San Francisco.

Along with Fabe III, Microsoft will be showcasing their upcoming line up of games and expect new announcements at this event.

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That should be a very interesting day. Looking forward to it.

Hopefully we will see a Mistwalker announcement then, and (quadrouple fingers crossed) Gears of War III

Mass effect 2 + Fable III. WRPGs reign supreme on the 360 in 2010.

I'm looking forward to it as well.
Fable III will further improve WRPGs.

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I really LOVE Fable and Lionhead. It is an awesome franchise and a very fun RPG. I can't way to see how Natal is involved, but I guess MS will save this for E3.

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I'm totally not excited about this game and I'm a big fan of Fable(TLC) and Fable 2. Maybe it's because they just announced it too casually. It makes me feel as if they aren't trying to make somethign special but just to make some money. Maybe the revealment will change my opinion but Molyneux is usually so excited about it, and it never lives up to the expectations he creates. You can't help but wonder how good a game will be that he doesnt even seem too excited about.

^^ it will be good trust me, it has the same development time as fable 2 and they know how to build on 360 better now... (fable 2 had threee years in development becuase they spent a year on building the engine)....

Yes! looking forward to this, better not be NATAL enabled though, a normal sequel will suffice.

^^I believe Pete confirmed Natal will be useable in some respects in the game. But you can rest easy knowing it is still a "controller experience".