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From the Beyond3d user who discovered Halo was running at 640.

COD4 X360 = 1024x600p 2xAA again...
COD4 PS3 = 1024x600p 2xAA too...

exactly the same
it's typically a X360 resolution (1024x600 is an anamorphic resolution use strictly on X360 for full the EDRAM) use on a PS3 game, it's strange
this point than COD4 is a "X360 centric" game (the very bad compression of video point this too, or the difficulty to port the texture panel in the two PS3 memory pool)
PS3 centric game = Uncharted

Notable here is how both versions are running at an identicle resolution, but it seems like the PS3 version was ported from the 360 version. He also claims that the 1080 mode on the PS3 is likely the above res being scaled.

But this is the interesting bit;
COD2 > 720p
COD3 > 630p
COD4 > 600P
COD5 > ?

It seems that "real HD" resolutions are a bit much for the graphical fidelity that the games of late are pushing. And it does look like this is goint to become a trend. As games push a system more and more, developers will need to make sacrifices, and it seems like they are willing to cut down on resolution. So, will "true 720" games start to become as uncommon as "true 1080" games?

I think the fact that the game still looks amazing despite the slightly gimped resolution speaks volumes of how unimportant it is in the grand scheme of things. Personally, I'd say the 60fps is worth the tradeoff in res, but that might be me.

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