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Majin-Tenshinhan said:
Yeah, I know. I mean, I haven't stopped enjoying gaming or anything, I've just grown away from some of the directions it's taking. Like I said before, some games this year gave me heaps and heaps of fun, most notably New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but also Street Fighter IV and Punch-Out!!

Well yea I know what you mean there.  I mean I'm still loving gaming and why i probably won't cut back on it.  It's just it would be nice that the big hyped games we are getting just aren't all about shock value and stale in nature.  I mean it is sad when some of the most fun experiences games had in 2009 were that of games remade from classics of old such as the three you mentioned.  The old games weren't about shock value but about the experience and that is why they are timeless.  There were obviously some great experiences in 2009 but too many times were we shown games that were all hype with no substance. 

Luckily 2010 looks a lot more promising with a lot of developers either going back to their roots or bring games that recognize experience over the packaging.  Also good to hear that a lot of these devs are focusing on quality not quantity which has been another problem. 

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There must be something in the atmosphere because I'm pretty bored of video games aswel. I'm even thinking of giving up gaming after I play GOW 3, FF13 and Yakuza 3.

I feel the same dude.

When a game stops giving you fun, just stop gaming for a while and come back some weeks later.

There's other ways to have fun in life.

I can understand how you feel. AC2 wasn't that fun for me neither was KHds. Halfway through I felt like I was forcing myself to complete them. KHds it was after the tutorial missions. It wasn't the same with SFIV, RE:DC, or NSMBWii which I had fun with alomost everytime I popped them in.

If you think about it the games you enjoyed were those with multiplayer aspects in them. I have more fun in multiplayer games than in single player games. Just remember to have a balanced diet of multi and single player games and you should be fine.

About 7 years ago when I came back to EU, I found that I liked PC games better (besides nintendo games :p).... then played Wow for a year, got bored... and now most games are a little stale. I think i'm now a multiplayer only kind of guy... so I bought both L4D and MW2 (PC cause i prefer PC controls), had fun for a week then my PC broke... fate?

Besides that, I love RPGs... but I find most of them stale nowadays...

Gaming in general lacks inovation. The most fun i've had this gen was probably with RRR and that's only because it's comical =)


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Well, you just need to have some time to think really hard on whether you really benefit from gaming.
For me, I plan my time for gaming carefully, or my studies will plunge.


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You and me both.... $60 a game too much for me($60 a week, $2880 a year. wow). almost week after week new games I wanted, more and more money spending that I don't even have for more important spending things like bills. not to mention I don't even have the time to play all of my games that I already have.

Zucas said:
Well I must admit similar things are happening to me, although i doubt I'll cut back on the buying part but maybe the playing part (collector as well haha). I feel a lot of games nowadays are more about shock value rather than actual content. And that is starting to ruin some gaming experiences. They are relying on gore, action sequences, intense cutscenes, outrageous storylines, or simply things that are shocking or gimmicky in nature. I mean this idea of shock value being an entire premise to a game is kinda turning me off to a lot of games.

I guess this has as a lot to do with gaming becoming all about the advertising rather than the actual game and our media is perpetuating it. I think for me this year, I started to realize this with Resident Evil 5 which was a complete turnoff compared to previous RE's namely RE4 which I thought was amazing. RE5 was more about shock value and the action in it rather than what mattered to me the most about Resident Evil... the conspiracy and the characters. The biggest slap in the face for me was of course Prototype which was exactly what I just described... a game all about shock value of the gore and what you can do in the city with absolutely no substance or competent gameplay. And then the trend continued with sub par single player gamers or ones that maybe were fun for a playthrough but just not enough. Great example of that was Modern Warfare 2 which was a fun experience, but silly story combined with a cliffhanger ending and just way too short.

I mean this isn't exclusive to the HD platforms (happening on Wii as well) but I feel the gaming industry due to large budgets and the need for making quick to see profits are starting to make games only for the sake of advertising and marketing them rather than a game that is good enough to sell on their own. All about the features and things they can show you in a trailer or a commercial or talk about in an interview but when you get down to the core game it just lacks substance, competent gameplay mechanics, and replay value thereof. And it's because of these things that gaming is starting to turn me off.

There is something I tell my co-workers all the time that I get into an "RPG craving" every now and then. I'm not a big RPG fan or not someone who plays it all the time but I'd say a lot of my RPG cravings come from the fact of being disappointed by a lackluster action game or shooter game. I just sometimes need something with a story with depth, characterization (weak or not), and something that'll reward me for putting time and effort into it. I'll also get into cravings where I just need to play something I can jump into and just have fun such as a platformer. Guess this is old school gaming haha.

So I definitely see what you are talking about, but I did enjoy Assassin's Creed II and definitely my GOTY 2009 because it had all the things I described most didn't have. Sad thing is though i see a lot more of what I described coming in 2010. Most blatant ones I've seen already has been well Dante's Inferno. I'm not ragging on the game but this is one of those titles that I just see more for shock value rather than game value. Luckily for 2010 we have a lot of brands that have been proven for years that'll release and give us gamers what we actually want... something that is fun to play and makes sure the experience we get in the game matters more than how far they can go in shock value.

I do get the RPG cravings. But I find I only get them for hack n slash rpgs or handhelds rpgs. Playing jrpgs on a home console seems tiring and like work for some reason (to be fair, I feel the same about Mass Effect. Wasn't my cup of tea). I don't feel like putting SO4 in again but I wouldn't mind playing something like Etrian Odyssey, Pokemon or whatever on DS. It's like the part of my brain that releases dopamine expects something different when I sit down on the couch to play a home console game. Or it could just be the games themselves that make the difference. I don't know.

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I spend to much time and money on gaming.. my school needs more attention.. ive still got plenty of money though (about 400 something after that 100 euro fine yesterday *grr*)

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