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@SimplyMe and thats if ukitake is still alive

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well, last we saw of him, he sat down as the first espada's kid counterpart jumped around him. nothing's happened to him. they honestly shouldn't forget about them. that's just annoying, how kubo tite made aizen defeat some of the strongest captains in history in under five seconds.

-_- that's why i don't support aizen.

r505Matt said:
Not to mention, there's a limit to plausibility even in a manga like Bleach. So when the sword stretches out, it'll essentially becomes trillions times heavier since the further away the weight is from the center of your body, the heavier and heavier an object gets. Since more than 99% the sword isn't even in his near vicinity, I can't even truly imagine how heavy the sword becomes.

Add in that he's cutting through hundreds or even thousands of buildings. And what if it was stuck inside buildings when he first extended it? The amount of strength needed to remove it then is unfathomable. I mean, if he's so strong, he should just throw large buildings at his opponents, it's FAR more practical.

And Ichigo blocked that? I call BS.

dude it's like you read my mind.

As ridiculous Gin's bankai is, wouldn't it be much more practical to thrust the sword like what he does with the shikai rather than swinging the damn thing.

and you know what's bothering me more. not only did ichigo block the sword, he also counter-attacked himand injures him. this is the badass villain they've hyping since the beginning of the SS arc.

Haha I kind of want to figure it all out mathematically actually, but who knows when I'll actually get that bored or care enough.

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New Naruto chapter by Binktopia:


Edit: silly me, its already posted.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Chapter 285 is out



The new KHR manga chapter was great. I'm really starting to like that Adelheid character. I wonder when Tsuna and them will go to Italy to get this whole inheritance ceremony thing started.

the last bleach was a dissapointment, gin should have a more impressive bankai.
whats the use of a sword that can extend 13km, your opponent would never be that far, except if he's some superpowered sniper

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