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@Howlingwolf his shikai allows him to stretched his sword but his bankai allows him to stretch it longer

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no comment, that's stupid

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So is Naruto about to get alot stronger, if hes able to use that "key" to unlock all of the 9 tails powers (and control it?) then hed give some Dragon Ball characters a run for their money.

HxH, Kaito =( I mean I had a feeling but it's still sad.

GIns ban kai was freaky! GIn wa sugoi desu ne~!

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Gin's bankai = the lamest special ability of any villian in any manga ever?

but its freaky >_>

r505Matt said:
Gin's bankai = the lamest special ability of any villian in any manga ever?


thanks kubo, good job on making another one of your villains look like a total dumbass.

Not to mention, there's a limit to plausibility even in a manga like Bleach. So when the sword stretches out, it'll essentially becomes trillions times heavier since the further away the weight is from the center of your body, the heavier and heavier an object gets. Since more than 99% the sword isn't even in his near vicinity, I can't even truly imagine how heavy the sword becomes.

Add in that he's cutting through hundreds or even thousands of buildings. And what if it was stuck inside buildings when he first extended it? The amount of strength needed to remove it then is unfathomable. I mean, if he's so strong, he should just throw large buildings at his opponents, it's FAR more practical.

And Ichigo blocked that? I call BS.

exactly!!!! thank you for spelling out the uselessness of it, r505Matt! seriously, come on, they made us wait years for it, and it's only a longer version of shikai. Jeez

i'm still having hopeful's for ukitake, uruhara and yoruichi though