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Allright, so you guys gotta help me out. It's boxing day and whatnot and the DSi is marked down $30 to $150, plus I gotta act fast. That seems like a lot of saving, but is it really worth it? PSP is only like $10 more and it can do a lot more and is way more powerful.

Are the improved specs and dual cameras in the DSi worth it?

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If you don't have a DS then yes, the DS has a tremendous library of great games if you like your Marios, Zeldas, Metroids, Contras and more.

I would say you should know what you're looking for in a handheld when comparing the DS and PSP. Keep in mind I am a DS supporter and a PSP, well, non-supporter and I'll tell you why. I love old-school RPG's and there is not a single platform available right now with a better selection. The PSP is going to run more towards the action oriented type of games, at least the top-end games are pretty much action oriented (GoW, FFVII:Crisis Core, Resistance: Retribution, the GTA's, etc.) Also, if you're looking for a multimedia device, the PSP is going to be much more capable for that. The PSP is also a graphical powerhouse of a handheld.

But, again, I prefer the DS for the input (a single analog is just not enough), the clamshell design which protects it so much better, the games being more up my alley, and the fact I get to support the big N.

lol, "support big N"

.....spoken very....well fanboyishly, lol

Value is relative, so it's really hard for anyone here to actually be able to tell you if it's worth the price to you.

Your post does seem to indicate you want people to push you towards the purchase however.

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buy it, I have three DS's and couldent be happier

I was on the train the other day and saw 4 siblings, each with a DSL/i.
No wonder that thing sold so much.

My 2 nephews each already going on their second DS's, so...

If you don't already own a DS go and buy a DSi you won't regret it. You'll love the games on DS you get all the best games Nintendo/Microsoft have to offer. If your a Microsoft or Nintendo fan then the DS is the console for you. Whether your playing Rare classics like DiddyKart:Racing or ZooTycoon or AgeOfEmpires the DS is definatly the console for Microsoft fans. Of course Nintendo fans get all their favorite franchises living out life on the handheld and as a Nintendo fan you won't be dissapointed.

If you already own a DS:Lite, then it is not worth the upgrade. I myself bought a DSi upgrading from the lite and to be honest I used the camera once and have one downloadable title. Whoopdefreakingdo. If you already have a DS (The best handheld on the market) then by all means buy a PSP. My PSP is pulled out every time I'm going a long distance, I use it as an MP3 player, watch UMD's and play the odd game. Of course for shorter trips I rely soully on my DS. But sometimes I feel like watching a movie or playing some games not found on DS (PowerStone/FullAuto:BattleLines are my fav's).

But as I said if you don't own a DS, go get a DSi you won't regret it, if you already own a DS:Lite don't get a DSi it won't be worth it. If you own the origional DS yes by all means get a DSi, its worth the upgrade from the origional.


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If you have DS lite, no its not worth it, if you dont just get a DSi

PSP is pretty good too



I don't know if the DSi is worth the added price because I don't have one and I still have the ORIGINAL DS. But frankly, I'm going to get the DSi XL when it comes out no matter the cost. And my suggestion to you and anyone who doesn't have a DSi yet is to do the same. The DSi XL is suppose to launch in America sometime in 'Early 2010' for America and Europe.


As for a DS being worth the cost in general, any DS is worth the cost.  You can't imagine the amount of playtime I have gotten out of my original DS in the last 5 years.  I bought it for 250 dollars a launch and now you can get a DS Lite for around $125.  And in that time, I have probably logged more hours playing my DS than all other gaming platforms combined.  It should be a no brainer for everyone to buy a DS.  That's the price of less than 3 console games for practically the best gaming device of this generation.  Though I still recommend you wait for the DSi XL (which will cost more).

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