What are the advantages of a PSP-3000 over a PSP-1000?

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I think i'm going to put my PSP-1000 on ebay and order a PSP-3000.

How is the screen? The PSP-1000 has a lot of ghosting and not quite clear as it could be. I played a PSP-Go at the store and the screen was much clearer. Is the PSP-3000 like that?
How long does the battery last?

Also, how come the Hannah Montana PSP is $10 cheaper than the core PSP?

You get a 2 gig memory stick and Hannah Montana stuff!!
Well would anyone think i'm weird if they see me with a Lilac PSP?

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Its smaller, lighter, I beleive it uses less battery consumption, the screen is much better and brighter. But the game tray on the PSP-1000 is better

And yes, I would probably tease you if I saw you with a Hannah Montana PSP,  but thats because I can be an asshole at times

The Psp 3000 has a built in microphone, 33% thinner,video out, more ram, and a brighter screen. The excess ram is not really that big a deal seeing as most launch games seemed software restrained from using it; but most new games use it (larger cach allows the disk drive to not be used as much, which cuts down on battery drain)and the 333mhz versus the software locked 222 mhz originally imposed by sony. The tv out allows you to play your psp games on a tv with progressive scan (or standard cables as well). All in all it is a nice upgrade for a solid portable; the only downside is you are going to need a lot more memory for downloadable games. You can get a 8 gig pro duo for like 24 dollars on amazon.com.

Don't believe me check out these links


You can run custom firmware on PSP 1000 and you cant on PSP 3000.