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Shane said: No need to even compare it to Eyetoy. Zapper light gun, ROB, Power Pad, U-Force, Power Glove. Lots of initial buzz that died quickly. I don't believe Nintendo will abandon this like it did those, but there is potential for the features to be just an afterthought in many games.
20 years ago many people claimed the same negative statements about a controller with a d-pad as they do now about the Wiimote. It's a gimmick. It won't survive. But what if it becomes the new standard?

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Soulxxx said:A) I'm no Wii detractor. I don't detract it, I say what it is. It's not like I said "The Wii won't supply the fun you want!" I'm saying it won't give you enough of it to keep you going for 2 years.
Well, clearly that remains to be seen. People thought the DS and its touchscreen would get old fast as well. Hopefully developers will be able to come up with enough original ideas to keep it interesting. But at this point I'd bet on more than 2 years at least!
Soulxxx said:B) Sorry, but I don't think waving your arms around is a more realistic way of playing games then good graphics. It may be so for the first 3 hours of every game for 2 years, but in no way it beats better visuals in terms of realism. If the Wii had better graphics, I might call it a winner... but it doesn't so the Wiimote is pretty much useless in it's ultimate goal - make gameplay more fun than other consoles.
You did mention more realistic gameplay, not graphics. Graphics have very little to do with gameplay. I don't understand how you can rate graphics so highly personally.
Soulxxx said:I gotta go.. It's been fun talking to ya (despite what you probably think of me now) and I think I need to quit now before I lure in some potential killers... lol
No no, I don't think anything bad of you at all. As long as you are civil and are able to produce coherent and reasonable arguments I respect everyone's opinion.

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superchunk said: Soulxxx said: 1. DMC is just more to come. Sony will only be able to keep the 1st/2nd party games. The rest will come to 360/Wii. More likely 360. 2. PS3 was killed by 360 in Nov/Dec. It was beat in Jan. The only place PS3 is, and probably will continue, to beat the 360 is Japan. It will take a few months to really see which one will do better in EU. March will NOT be a good indicator as that is the launch. 3. BR and HDDVD are useless for games. They don't need anywhere near that amount of disc space. All you are going to have is tons of empty space on a BR disc for Sony. MS was smarter to use regular DVD's as the DVD9 spec is perfectly suitable for any game. HD visuals or not. The code just doesn't require that much space. Look at the most massive and beautiful games on a pc. None are on more than one DVD. Also, earlier you mentioned that BR is better than HDDVD in all aspects. Yeah, the only difference, for a consumer, is space. For a ip owner then the BR is supposedly more secure, but that is yet to be seen. For more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu_Ray_Vs._HD-DVD[/quote] i dont agree i think it will be closer than you think... and you gotta rememeber ps3 is doing it at a higher price and still stickin with the 360 in terms of right now... keeping with the post topic its outsellin it at that higher price in the same time period ..devil may cry isnt enough to kill the ps3 look at the sales numbers for that game come on man



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gamingdevil said: You know what compression is, right? The most devs using blu-ray don't compress anything... Look at Kojima... he said he wants a special 50gb single layered BD because his doesn't want to use a dual layer. So tell me... you seriously think that he needs 50gb's including compression? I am sure that MGS4 would be about 15-18gb's compressed, just assuming though... (2 DVD9's if it was on the X-Box)
Just to let you know, PS3 devs still use compression on just about everything. This isn't because of a space saving theory but bandwidth. It actually takes longer and eats up more bandwidth to push an uncompressed texture through the processing than it does to compress a texture, push it through and decompress it. Compression in the past generations was all about saving storage space. Now it's about saving bandwidth and speeding up the process. Soulxxx, You are a sad creature indeed. I'll explain something to you that is completely amiss upon you. There are two prevailing philosophies in the industry. Philosophy B, which is you, is a visual gamer. You see the latest and greatest tech as a means of entertainment. Your ability to enjoy games it limited to requiring a visual stimuli or psychological factor that what you are playing is 'high end'. Philosophy A is different. This is the philosophy of most casual gamers. Graphics are not the pinnacle of entertainment for them. For them, a more physically immersive experience is their simuli. You are suggesting that people of philosophy A will suddenly turn into those of philosophy B for absolutely no apparent reason. This philosophy is fad to philosophy B gamers only. As a fad, it doesn't pertain to philosophy A gamers at all because this IS gaming to them. You cannot expect vanilla lovers to love chocolate all of sudden just on a the wim that chocolate lovers claim it will happen. You also suspect that philosophy B gamers are the majority. I can inform you that you are wrong. For example: PS2 had the worst graphics last gen yet sold 5 times as much hardware. Also, DS is leading the PSP 40 million to 20 million. High end gaming of last gen (Xbox if you will) penetrated only a small part of the at that point gaming population. However, the Wii is attractive not only to millions of current gamers looking for immersive stimuli but to the many more millions that were not interested in philosophy B type gaming.