Ratchet, Demon's Souls , Borderlands, L4D2..Only have enough $$ to buy One.

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My budget has been set and my Fall games purchased, pre-paid are done with money left for one more game before end of the year.

I can't decide which one to get as I am a Multi genres kind of guy.

I am currently leaning towards Demon's Souls but Ratchet IGN review got me interested. I have not own a Platformer since Mario 64 so this is tempting as well.

Borderland has co-op and a fresh new approach to the FPS/RPG hybrid gaming, and the word of mouths so far has been incredible.

I am also interested in L4D2 because the first one was one of my favorite game from last year.


What would you recommend out of the 4?

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HUH?? IGN alrdy reviewed Ratchet??? news to me

OT: you seem to be in a very hard dilema I for one is also having a hard time choosing between ratchet or Assasins 2. Well since your leaning towards demon souls I would say go for it as I have played it and I was hooked!!!! but If your the type of person with no patience and very short tempered then I really wound't recomend demon souls.

If L4D was your favourite game of last year, I would simply get that

If you don't have gold, then get Ratchet, but otherwise if I were you, I would get L4D2

Demon's Souls!!!!

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I would pick demon's souls if i were you... Its replay value is overwhelming.

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Demon's Souls & Ratchet............but of the two I would pick up Ratchet

I know nothing about L4D 1 or 2 because I don't have a system capable of playing it. Though even if I did I doubt I'd get either.

Of the other three that I do have a system capable of playing Borderlands doesn't appeal to me.

This leaves R&C and Demon's Souls. That's a really hard call. Depends on what kind of gaming experience you're after: Fast pace, excellent platforming, funny and all round entertaining = Ratchet and Clank; Intense, dark, brooding, very challenging but with great sense of achievement awaiting those who persevere = Demon's Souls.

Damnit I want both! But the kids will only want 1: R&C.

I don't know which way you should jump, but either game will be great.

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I'd personally pick Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time and I recommend it to you. It'll be an awesome game and won't be disatisfied with what Insomniac has to offer with R&C.

But as a second option, Left 4 Dead 2 is a good choice as well.

L4D2 and Ratchet might be great, but it's more of the same from the last sequels.

Demon's Souls is a brand new experience and get it before it disappears like most Atlus games.

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