Will Xbox beat PS3 in worldwide sales this week?

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Because of Halo ODST... Will Xbox beat PS3 in worldwide sales this week?


I think it will not.. but could be very close though.

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PS3 had a price cut recently.


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no, and i don't think it will be close. the only people that are really pumped for odst are halo3 fans, and if you have halo3 then guess what you already have? that's right. i don't see too huge of a bubble for this. if it were a massive critical success (which it's not. it hasn't gotten 1 perfect score) then one could argue for a big surge.

the that week i predict the following:

ps3: 210-225k
360: 160-175k

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Not this week no, next week or the week after the 360 will be back on top though.

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No. The only place it will be close is in NA. I think the PS3 will do around 200k sales.

I always wonder the game like Halo ODST. Since Halo 3 is already on the 360, I feel like those people who wants to buy Halo Series should already own 360 anyways. So should this really have a big increase in hardware sale? I believe answer is yes, but really not sure what kind of people are buying 360 because ODST is out when they didn't buy when Halo 3 was out..

Forza 3 on the other hand would be different because it has significant improvement over the Forza 2 plus now with the GT5 release delay, I can see good sale jump with Forza 3.

Probably X360 near 150k and PS3 near 200k.

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at most will have a small bump, to drop down ps3 for the rest of the year.