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CGI-Quality said:
SILENT HILL 1-3 soundtracks, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, GTA: San Andreas

Just a few good soundtracks...

Oh god yes.

Jeremy Soule composed some of the best songs ever in that game.

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MGS has won countless awards for its soundtrack, take a look on youtube. It's Gold



FF, KH, Aion and Grandia comes to mind

Super Mario Galaxy has beautiful music of course. Does anyone remember Gauntlet legends on the N64? That had some great music, especially the Cathedral level.

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Great game with great music

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Here, this has a lot of great soundtracks.


Ocarina of Time in the Fire Temple is supoib.

Kimi wa ne tashika ni ano toki watashi no soba ni ita

Itsudatte itsudatte itsudatte

Sugu yoko de waratteita

Nakushitemo torimodosu kimi wo

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Lemmings music of course.

My personal favourite.

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Donkey Kong Country had awsome music. Mario Galaxy and SSSB are my faves from this generation.


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