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Wii has the 'flying Wii-mote of death'.


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I think what people are trying to say is that the Wii was an improvment from it's predecessor rather than an advancement in gaming technology therfore instead of being faced with the task of how to do something new , all Nintendo have had to do is do something relativley old , better.

More consideration may have been made for quality ,durability etc than the other 2.

scottie said:
DaBuddahN said:
The Wii is not a high end machine.. It's a repackaged Gamecube mostly.. with motion controllers, it won't break because it's not pushing any limits like the 360 or PS3.

The sticky tape could fail.



Anyway, I wasn't sure whether to report you or just laugh at you :P


Being as you aren't banned yet Ithink you can guess which

*sigh*  Amazing... Gamecube was better tech then the PS2 last gen and PS2 had the most issues, its not about "pushing limits" its about designing your console right, good quality parts, making sure its vented properly, and for the love of God do extensive testing...

Nintendo has always made solid machines, there's a reason people still have working NES consoles that never once had an issue. 

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Sometimes my Wii freezes but that's because it is heavily pirated and modded.

ssj12 said:
the Wii does suffer from a minor fatal glitch. Basically the disc drive fails and the blue lights stay glowing. BLoD you can call it.

this for real?? because the blue lights are always glowing on my wii and it makes more noise than normal, it still works though (right now). does this mean my wii's on its deathbed? :(

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Why they might not always be cutting edge Nintendo consoles seem to be nigh on indestructable.

I guess using proven tech rather than trying to push the envelope helps them achieve this.

KylieDog said:
Wii has the 'flying Wii-mote of death'.

Ahh the sugar pumped kids who don't wear wriststraps. XD


That happened at my cousins house, although luckily the screen was missed by an inch and instead hit the wall hard.

Cypher1980 said:
Why they might not always be cutting edge Nintendo consoles seem to be nigh on indestructable.

I guess using proven tech rather than trying to push the envelope helps them achieve this.

I can't understand your comment. GameCube was a powerhouse last gen, and it was still the most reliable. I've seen it literally cut in half and still turned on.

my wii had the dirty lens of death. it just suddenly stopped being able to read gamecube discs. all wii games worked fine except lks. and yes there was the crazy loud buzzing noise. i was really pissed off because i was really close to completing LKS. however i tried it again yesterday and now everything seems to work fine. maybe my wii maically repaired itself

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If you had a launch Wii, the first firmware update could potentially brick your Wii as far as internet connectivity goes.

You see, Nintendo included new online software (drivers, possibly?) on their first firmware update. Funnily enough, instead of storing the firmware update on the Wii's internal memory, perform a checksum and if everything was ok then flash the bios they instead opted for a more straightforward method: the update was flashed directly to the bios as it downloaded.

It was a happy coincidence that my wireless router resetted while such critical update was being performed.

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