Will GT:PSP STILL sell well? (NA Pre-Orders = 15K)....(reviews = average)

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Because out of all 10 million GT fans all of them are people who spend their time on gaming forums.... Not likely, Probablly out of 10 million GT fans less than half are forum users.

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2 Million LTD for GT:PSP

still 10 Million LTD for GT5

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Oh the internet, most people who buys these games don't read the reviews.

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so how many Jede?

I say 2m absolute maximum.

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PS3 GT will not sell because the GT on PSP, which is a much more successful platform, will not sell well.

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I'm not surprised with the low pre-orders. The game is coming out with the PSP Go and, guess what, we'll (likely) never know the digital sales (I really hope Sony changes that). They showed the Gran Turismo PSP with PSP Go, so they'll buy Go and GT together, imo.

I'm sure that most of the people interested in this game are going to pirate it.

Well, it's tough to tell.

The GT games have always gotten great reviews, and this one hasn't been strong in that department so far. I think it will sell reasonably well for a PSP game, but not anywhere near the console ones.

the real number wont be release cause its going to be on playstation network and you can only download with pspgo

We've got to remember as well though that with the PSP, not only can people get the UMD but they can download it onto their PSP-GO which isn't tracked. So that means that 100% of the PSP-GO owners that will buy GT-PSP aren't going to get tracked. I think that it would be pretty big if this game got over 2 million with all the bad reviews and the applicable downloads and hacked PSP hardware because lets face it, PSP games just don't sell well.