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kirby007 said:
Trucko should have an instantwin, just look how sexy he holds that glass with godly fluids *drools*

I think this post should be counted as a vote for me!

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Enter me

What, son, what? New York, New York!!!

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Man...this KingEidilleg fellow is a real douche and a hater. This isn't trolling...it's a fact.

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@D_Boy : whatever. Calling someone names is so unattractive...

Why is everyone voting down Gilgamesh? It's fuckin' ridiculous.

And it's like the same two or three people. Damn.



@MontanaHatchet, why don't you vote him up? (...you can vote again) Isn´t voting a good way to express your opinion?

@D_Boy, there are a lot of people who doesn't like beefy guys, sorry to disapoint you...I don't realy know if you are that much beefy but you seem to be a little bit (that harm *drooling*).


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