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lol @ Montana Hatchet

No, the only point of a ten inch wang is to get the fuck chewed out of it when an inexperienced girl tries to give you a bj.

Worst fucking 10 minutes of my life.

EDIT----Walking home later was no picnic either. Not with blue chomp marks all over Mr Happy. (Mr Unhappy in this case) 


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Boys with big members have my praise, but I'm afraid my "clam" is a bit too small to take anything impressive. I'm probably in the same boat as lolita. A lot of girls are i imagine. Most anthropologist say male penis size is determined in gene pools by the women and the size of their vaginas.

@ Apostrovitch, since Ron Jeremy is 9 1/4 inches long, I don't know if you're really a whopping 10. Just a guess though. 

Ishy said:
85% of women are happy with the size of their partners penis...

I know I am! XD

I have literally thought about potentially having reduction surgery at some point in my life, just so I could have sex without someone going "OW." every time I so much as move. Either that or going into porno.


also guys remember... i was once gballzack :O

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All this clam talk is making me hungry....

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mancandy said:
All this clam talk is making me hungry....

 I would sig that, but it would be out of context.




mancandy said:
All this clam talk is making me hungry....

I like the way you think. *wink* (J/K)

Oh, the clam talk makes you hungry, but not the part about chipped beef?


Sometimes needs to make a cyber simulator for discussions like this.