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PullusPardus said:
Whats the big deal of installing linux nowadays? it seems just the time Sony removed it everyone started caring.
Linux on PS3 = Slow and useless

I know man.  I don't have linux on my PS3 and I don't care to have it.

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What would obieslut do?


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If its the same amount of cash then its a great idea. Just remember to back up you 40gb HDD before you trade it in.

Check play.com for HDDs. You can get 500GB HDDs for 70 sterling on that site and it even mentions the HDDs thats compatible with the PS3

wait a few weeks after the slim is released, to see if theres any problems with it AND THEN get the slim (unless theres major problems with it). Slim uses less power which is good, plus if it breaks out of warranty supposedly you only have to pay sony $100 to repair it, instead of $150 like the Phat

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Go for the Slim!!!

Waste of time just buying a 120GB drive, the difference in price between a 120GB drive and a much higher capacity is negligable. Nobody actually use the linux os functionality in real life for anything useful and that's all you'll be missing...

For that loss you will be gaining

1. Lower power consumption
2. New warranty
3. Feeling of opening a new box ;)
4. More compact design/

Defo go for it.

Go fer the slim! It's a new box you get to rip into, it'll have that new system smell. Think about that moment. . . gaming bliss my friend. Also, it's smaller and nicer looking IMO.

Go for it, though if you don't like the look of the slim don't get it, though you don't get double reward points on hardware actually

What are they giving for a trade in on the fat......I mean that sounds like its like almost 250 euros, the hdd cant cost much more than 50. Who is paying they insane prices?

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Slim it up man.

New warranty, bigger space, and a new look to gaze at. It'll be more fun.