What is the most Stupidest thing gamers have ever complained about.

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people saying wii has no core games and then complaining about core franchises

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Wii Sports/ Wii Play: "Free game with my console? Fuck you, Nintendo!"

Casual Games: "What!? My mom can enjoy MY hobby!?"

360 getting PS3 exclusives: "How dare somebody with a different console play a franchise I used to play on MY console?"

Rubang B's nakedness: Just go with it, dude. It won't hurt you.

PS3/360 multi-plat graphical differences: "My version has two extra raindrops, thus your version sucks!"

Left 4 Dead 2: "What the hell!? A sequel to a game I enjoyed!?! Blaspheme!"

No Tekken 6 for the Wii: Gamers feel betrayed after playing Tekken on their Nes, Snes, N64, and Gamecubes, and not having it release on their Wii, I guess.

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People who complain about Wii games that don't have voice chat and don't need voice chat, because it doesn't add anything. Call of Duty, yes you need voice chat.....Smash Brothers Brawl, no you don't need voice chat.

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people bitching that game rewievs are biased against the wii

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Aion said:
People not buying a game because of the graphics.


And i'd like to add saying Nintendo betrayed gaming by making a non-gamer focused when the same people didn't buy the core-focused Gamecube

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Almost anything and everything negative about MGS4 & FF7.

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony; people tend to make stupid complaints about these all the time!


Complaining about shovelware on the Wii when people dont even own one...

Gamers complaining about motion control, then loving it when announced for the HD systems.