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^ I eat the waffle...

v uses a magic spell to make it impossible to evade the next attack and attacks

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^goes back in time and kills you

v un-sensei-ifys you!!!!XD

^ turns into super awesome senpai mode

v throws KFC wings at you!!!

^ Eats them

v Turn you into a frog XD

^ *quak*

v plots an evil plan to destroy the world, fulfills it and takes you down while destroying anything and anyone!

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^turns into a zombie and says SENSEI YOU ARE SO LEGEN...wait for it..DARY!!!!

v gets a gun and shoots you in the head!

^ wears a helmet

v poisons you with ultra tasty sweets...

^ Becomes poison therefore no effect !:D

v turns you into a girl XD

^ gets awesomly beautiful

v trains milk so that it can it people and sends it at you

^hides under the sofa!

v sends an army of coakroaches after you!