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Here is an article about Fils-Aime talking developer response to the Wii's success. Here's a comment from him: “Every publisher has either made the decision and stated it publicly or made the decision and not stated it publicly, but the amount of resource shift has been tremendous,” This is something that I've spoke of in the past. I think the most important numbers in this industry are the ones that are fact. despite how the systems might sell in the future the 3rd parties have to answer to stock holders and therefore have to bet on the proven horse, and so far it's been the Wii with dramatic sales so far. Being that many developers have yet to jump in Nintendo's new pool I think the Wii is going to have the most newly announced titles for the rest of 2007. Making 2008 interesting as it is a year that ps3's exclusive should be in full stride, it will be interesting to see how many 3rd Party exclusive can Nintendo lock, and just how much ammunition will they be working with for next year.(I hope they start pushing developer tools as hard has Sony and Microsoft have.) I think this also goes for Nintendo itself. There has to be alot of internal pressure to creat more content for the DS then the Wii when the return has been so amazing for the portable system. But as the Wii is continuing to prove itself they may start to shift more resources themselves to the console. I think they moved many development houses towards the GBA and DS because of poor Gamecube sales. maybe we'll even see more console developmet from HAL Labrotories. Here is the article: Gamasutra Article

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Great News for Nintendo!




So he basically came out and said what what everyone assumed was happening (and what we have seen with our own eyes) ...

Yeah, but wouldn't it be great to get some titles/screenshots of these projects, E3 is going to be huge for Nintendo.




great info !

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HappySquirrel said: So he basically came out and said what what everyone assumed was happening (and what we have seen with our own eyes) ...
True, but it's rare to here Nintendo talking 3rd parties I hope they begin to get excited about supporting these projects. Also he mentioned support that wasn't announced to the media yet. So while we could have assumed that, at least it gives us an indication of what to expect from E3 and such.

Just that games don't happen overnight. Like I was saying in other threads, we won't really see results of this resource shift for at least 6-8 months. But, on the other hand, this means that x-mas '07 will have an interesting line up for the Wii. If Nintendo solves the manufacturing problem, I can imagine the Wii moving up to 5 million units in the Americas alone and 3+ million in Europe in the Holiday '07 (Nov-Dec) frame. OTOH, that's the upper limit if there is supply and insanely great lineup. 3.3-3.7M in Americas and 2.1-2.5M in Europe is more realistic. Japan won't be impacted as much because Japan never betted against Nintendo, so there will not be as much of a shift towards the Wii. But it's still will sell better because there will be less supply constraint. So, Wii will sell a better in Nov-Dec '07 than '06, but not insanely so. Probably to the tune of 1.5M - 1.8M.

You gotta love Reggie. "Every" publisher? Heh, I'm sure I could find a few who will never develop for the Wii. I do agree that publishers, in general, are throwing massive support behind the Wii, which is what any smart publisher should do in the light of its success. You have to wonder what kind of effect this will have on the market, though. If the Wii gets great third-party exclusives, there's no doubt it will be helpful. But if it gets graphically inferior ports, I'm not so sure. Will the Wii's control scheme be a good enough reason to buy a cross-platform title for the Wii instead of the 360 or PS3? I think people are going to buy the Wii regardless of cross-platform games. It's the cheapest console out there and it offers something the 360 and PS3 do not. Sold. But I don't think anyone was holding back on getting a Wii until they heard if it was getting third-party support. Still, this is great news for Wii owners, as it gives us more games to play. :)

a year from now they all will be droping that support. 3rd party aint selling to great on the Wii.

Hus said: a year from now they all will be droping that support. 3rd party aint selling to great on the Wii.
Really? Ubisoft Sales up by 78 percent thanks to Wii Game publisher Ubisoft has declared that it experienced 78 percent sales growth during January in the US alone. It is the number one independent publisher on the Wii, and the new figures are driven by the Wii. quote: French publisher Ubisoft, which has been the staunchest third party supporter of Nintendo's Wii from the get go, today issued a brief statement concerning the company's continued growth for the month of January. Driven largely by the Wii's momentum coming off holiday '06, Ubisoft experienced sales growth of 78 percent in the U.S., 55 percent in the United Kingdom, 30 percent in France and 41 percent in Germany. Additionally, Ubisoft pointed out that it's still the number one independent publisher on the Wii in the U.S. and Europe and the number two independent publisher on Xbox 360 in Europe (it's number three on 360 in the U.S.). News Source: Gamedaily.com