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Just bought Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, and I'll be getting Wii Sports Resort in a matter of moments!


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**Slash** said:
VivaLaWiida said:
**Slash** said:
O RLY ? have u played Boom Blox with ur friends? it rocks as multiplayer game

my latest will be probably tales of monkey island for wiiware

It was fun with other people for a couple of hours, but the fact, that you are not able to download new maps, was really disappointing and I didn't like the whole concept and gameplay of this game.

u could make ur own levels but people are lazy nowadays :)



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Just bought Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobos Dungeon and Wii Play.

It just goes to show people have different tastes. I just got a 360 (mainly for Madden10 & Fight night Round4) and I'm actually more excited about the Wiis upcoming lineup. I'll soon be getting Little kings story, Marumasa, Wii sports resort and a bunch of others. In the meantime I'll be picking up games I missed for my 360. just bought Streetfighter 4 Animal crossing for 20 bucks at gamestop.


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recieved by mail this month:

GST LKS BattalionWars2 AC+speak Conduit


Wii Sports Resort a few days ago, and Little King's Story a few weeks ago: two very good surprises, both way better than i imagined before my purchase...

I've also downloaded Swords and Soldiers and Nyx Quest on WiiWare last month, and they were quite fun and totally worth the 10 euros price...

Next: Metroid Prime Trilogy early september, and Muramasa, i hope in september or october...


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Wii Sports Resort.

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After WST I just got Grand Slam Tennis (really good) and Tiger Woods.

Just picked up CoDWaW