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WiiGirl76 said: @Fabinou because Sony Fanboys like to yap about how bad the WII is and are blind to see how well it sells, that you haven't noticed it by now

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Nintendo Has got to have available Wii when the PS3 comes around, I think it's obvious. I won't be surprised if they are shipping more Wii than they did in January and February.

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Zsidane, I totally aggree with you..

That's also my thought. Maybe they are doing that right now, I don't know. @Fabinou, thanks

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This really makes sense and when i was in town (basel, in switzerland) on friday, i have seen quite a lot of wii's. In a big retailer (media markt) there were more than twenty wii's and in a specialized game shop there were around then wii's aswell. Before that, i haven't ever seen more than 5 wii's at once. Now this could mean three things: First would be the hype dies down in switzerland, second that there was a new shipment on this friday and that i occasionally went to the store when they were still fresh or third, that nintendo tries to ship more wii's to europe due to the ps3 release next friday.

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Death2009 said: Why? Do you know how costly the ps3 is? I don't think shipping new wiis there will matter much, the people who want a PS3 will buy one no matter how many wiis are around. It maybe a little late for that now anyway as the PS3 comes out there this friday I think.
I agree on both points. For the price of a PS 3 you can get more than two Wii's The price of the PS-3 for a pure gaming console would be rdiculous. Either you want a cheap BluRay-Player or you are an absolute die hard fan that would pay anything for a Sony game console. THe Wii instead is more targeted at more casual gamers or gamers without an HD Displays (by far the majority of european customers (In Japan and the US HD Display were much earlier available than in Europe). Under this circumstances the Wii is not really a compepetitor of the PS-3, but the PS-2. Its main competitor would be the Xbox 360, less multimedia targeted buit a HD game console for half the price of the PS-3 (299 to 599).

More than 20 wiis in media market ?? wow !! I live in france and I never saw more than 3 Wii in the same store...

well, so did i until last friday. when did you check the last time the media market of your region? i'm really interested now if this is specific to switzerland or if it is the same all over europe...

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Maybe they want to be able to convert all the people who suffer from sticker shock after going to check out the PS3 by having the cheap alternative readily available. ;>

he's got a point though, they don't just stop production like that. Japan sales are down, and i'm quite sure it's because of supply. Stock in the US is clearly down also, and there's got to be a reason for it. Sending more to Europe seems like the most obvious thing to me. Not all wii, but more than they sent before.

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