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I just bought the Conduit, Mario Hoops 3-on-3, New Play Control Mario Power Tennis and perordered Wii Sports Resort online after some... uhh... recreational fun... Oh, and I ordered Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night decals for my Wii, Wiimote and Nunchuk. Paying bills next month is going to be fun. :)


I suppose, I should look on the bright side. Nothing there I'll regret in the morning, and I'm not going to be paying Princess Peach child support for the next 18 years...

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Hey at least you have all those games to play with. Thier is always cleaning garbage as a job when your not working in your real job ( I doubt that yu work at your job all day )

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Lmao, well I guess it could be worse.... you could have bought clothes....

angel.of.war said:
Lmao, well I guess it could be worse.... you could have bought clothes....

Last time I bought something online while drunk, I ended up with an $80 World of Warcraft beer stein. It's a very nice beer stein, but not exactly the sort of thing one wants to admit to actually having.

At least you didn't do a lot of crazy shit.

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Lol, atleast you didn't fall asleep on a parking lot when you were drunk.

Last time I shopped online while on the grog, I bought my friend a $60 Amazon gift voucher so that he could buy "Endless Ocean" and visit my boat.

Boy, was my face red when I found out that the game doesn't support international online play! The (atlantic) ocean really put an end to that.


On another occasion fuelled by Navy Rum, I bought some Wii points so I could gift "Art Style: CUBELLO" to the same friend via the Shop Channel. Turns out I can't fucking do that either, so I got 3 N64 games instead. One of them was Cruis'n USA D:


I've never gone shopping while drunk but I've learned that pretty much anything that seems like a good idea while you're drunk is evil. Fun, though!

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