Why can't 360 and PS3 be as reliable as the Wii?

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BMaker11 said:
theRepublic said:
BMaker11 said:
It's already been proven that the fail rate of the PS3 and Wii are less than 1%. 360 is another story, but if you want to argue that the Wii fails .56% of the time, and the PS3 fails .60%, then you are a lost soul

How exactly was it proven?







Google, my friend. Google

I'm not sure I would call that proof, but it is better evidence than I have seen in this thread.

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it's true that Wii and Ps3 break less often than Xbox360, but i think it got better lately

Wiis start to break lately as well, especially if you have them 2.5 years with constant use

problems with SSBB back in April 2008, but i think it's very simple to solve Wii problems by just using a cleaning disk which cleans laser reading the disk, apart from that, Wii controllers seem unbreakable to me

yo_john117 said:

Well as everyone knows the 360 had its outragious fail-rate not too long ago (and it still is worse than it should be), and the PS3 seems to be having some pretty major problems with fail-rates lately too.

What i'm wondering is why don't MS and Sony try to be more like nintendo with making their consoles so they don't die so often.  Is it that hard to make a reliable console??

On another note i don't think i've ever heard of a wii dying.  Anyone at all ever have their wii die?  just curious.


Hmm, Wii's often have trouble playing dual layer discs..