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So today its the Champions league finals Barcelone vs Manchester united.

Will u watch and who will win?

I hope it will be a  great game and lots of goals but if i wouldnt put money in to it i would put it on Barca.


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Im really looking forward to it. Should be a great game with two attacking side on display. I think Barcelona will win.

They are by far the standout team in spain every other team is mediocre. Whereas in England there are 4 or 5 teams more than capable of getting to a champions league final given the chance.

The reasons there have been English dominance over the last 5 years in because when one English team gets knocked out everyone knows the other English teams are more than capable. Rarely will you see an English team not in the Semi Finals.

Will watch obviously...will even go late to classes just to watch it. As for who I want to win, I'm torn. I don't like either team. I hate Man U more. Thus, I'd prefer Barça winning. But I hate Messi, and I wouldn't like him being crowned as the "best player of the world" if he plays bad today, just because Barça won the Champions. You can't imagine how the news would explode here

So, maybe Barça winning and Messi red-carded, that would be the best

it will be a cracking game of football, Barcelona are defensively weak but they are the best attacking side in the world, they will always score, come on Barca!!!

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I fear for Barca.... defence is wakened through suspension...

Come on barca!!!!!!

I want Barca but I think Man U may get it...

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I want Barca. Going forward both side are equally matches but at the back Barca are terrible. I rate Yaya Toure highly and apparently hes going to be at centre back. I just hope for a good game.

Does anyone have the lineups?

1. Víctor Valdés (G)
16. Sylvinho Mendes Campos (D)
5. Carles Puyol (D)
3. Gerard Pique (D)
28. Sergi Busquets (M)
8. Andres Iniesta (M)
6. Xavi Hernández (M)
24. Gnegneri Yaya Toure (M)
9. Samuel Eto'o (S)
14. Thierry Henry (S)
10. Lionel Messi (S)
46. Marc Muniesa (sub)
7. Eidur Gudjohnsen (sub)
27. Pedro Rodríguez (sub)
2. Martín Cáceres (sub)
15. Seydou Keita (sub)
13. Jose Manuel Pinto (sub)
11. Bojan Krkic (sub)

Manchester United
1. Edwin Van der Sar (G)
3. Patrice Evra (D)
22. John O'Shea (D)
15. Nemanja Vidic (D)
5. Rio Ferdinand (D)
16. Michael Carrick (M)
8. Anderson Oliveira (M)
13. Ji-sung Park (M)
11. Ryan Giggs (M)
7. Cristiano Ronaldo (M)
10. Wayne Rooney (S)
32. Carlos Tevez (sub)
17. Luís Almeida da Cunha (sub)
29. Tomasz Kuszczak (sub)
9. Dimitar Berbatov (sub)
23. Jonny Evans (sub)
21. Rafael Pereira da Silva (sub)
18. Paul Scholes (sub)

Sylvinho as starter? Hmmm...not good, never liked him. Busquets seemed to me as a good player in Stamford Bridge, so I'll give him some credit.

Tevez in the bench is a big, big FAIL

Henry Eto and messi scare the life out of every defence.