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better off as a ps3 slim design. but keep the glossy black paint.





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*wets himself*

I think it is too soon to tell.

I kinda like it. Looks more like a slim PS3 mockup.

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What does the text on the second page actually say?

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That looks really nice.

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These early pictures of so-called "designs" are never the ones released...



While there is always some work being done on the exterior design of an upcomming console, no company really comes close to a "final" design until right before the (officially) display it for the first time ...

At this point in time I would expect that most of the effort would be towards determining the form-factor of the console, and creating sketches (and possbly 3D mock-ups). Most of what was done would be over-styled in an effort to come up with a "bold" direction for the design, to then make a much more refined (read simpler) design.

BottledSpringWater said:
These early pictures of so-called "designs" are never the ones released...


True, but its kinda fun to speculate.

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Four playstations in the one.