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I know this may sound foolish but just listen,if you don't like it then take it as a joke.


Yeah the economy is bad and Sony can't even throw a $10 price cut but could Sony surprise us with a $200 price cut and take the generation.I know this scenario is impossible as Sony's will go bankrupt but what if they have been faking it all this time about them making a loss and actually they are making a profit.They did a make a $200 price cut the last time around.I am sure if this happens then Sony's will win this generation back.


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There is no "faking it" in business. Publicly traded companies get into a lot of trouble they give out false information. They are legally obligated to give their stockholders correct information.

I'm no analyst or genius on this stuff, but that's basically the gist of it.

And as for last time they made a $200 price cut, when was that?

200 dollar price cut WOULD make them go bankrupt tho

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it would make ps3 sales go like 2 million a week and they would sell so many games so that would actually give them more money...

call $200 and call bankrupcy.

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they made $200 earlier on the PS3.That time their development cost had come down to $400 from $800 and it could be down from that too

If there was a sudden $200 price cut I would bet real money on PS3 passing 360 within a year of this huge drop, and passing Wii within 3-4 years.

I wouldn't bet real money on the massive price drop though. Its pretty obvious they're not making money on PS3, they can't just make up that they're losing money. I'm pretty sure thats illegal.

50% price cut in this economy? that is crazy, i could see PS3 at $300 this holiday but no $200 price cut

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there was no $200 price cut EVER....it was $100

original prices of PS3

$599 and $499

current prices of PS3

$499 and $399

you can do the math from there...comparing higher model($599) vs price cut lower mode($399)...yes maybe...but that's not really $200 price cut then is it?

no Sony couldn't surprise you with $200 price cut. Sony also couldn't surprise you that they are actually faking losing money.

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