Why did ICO and Shadow of the Colossus have such low sales?

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nen-suer said:

 3) ur signature proves that u play alot


 At first glance thats what one would think, but that list of games dates back to 2008 bubba.

It took me almost two months to finish Siren: Blood curse. And that games short as fuck XD 

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Gilgamesh said:
ChichiriMuyo said:
For the same reason No More Heroes and Madworld have low sales: they are niche titles. Only a small portion of gamers are interested in that style of game, so not many people buy them.

But like 95% of the people that play either of those games consider them to be the best of all time, you'd think word would spread, and people would at least give it a try, it should of had good legs.

I really hope Team ICO's new game for the PS3 get's advertised the sh*t out of it, everyone needs to know about this company.

Wii fans have been sayin the same stuff about No More Heroes.  It's unique, fun, has great art and personality and controls, and is so niche that nobody noticed.

hype does not equal to sales,,..



''Halo reach''.. sell 7.m first week ,Believe¡¡¡¡¡¡







point x said:
hype does not equal to sales,,..

When were these two games hyped?


Sony Computer Entertainment wasn't showcasing their first party games as much as third party titles at the time. Remember most this was the time that most of their first party took the back seat to MGS4 and the FF series.

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^Rei said:
Because internet is the only place where these two games are considered good and worth the price.



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The only one who can appreciate ICO and SoTC are true gamers not the casual gamers. A gamer that is diverse, playing almost all of the genre.

Because makingmusic liked them.

Because people like me don't care to buy them.


The best entities rarely ever sell well.

It's a good rule of thumb for nearly any artistic medium, videogames included.