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Obviously Miyamoto's feeding them "mushrooms", especially 1-up mushrooms!

This year is doing awesome so far!


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Lmao super sandwich.

I saw the trailer for this game on the NINtendo Channel and was immediately won over. Nintendo is still putting out the best software for it's system, and that is disappointing because I really do want to see some good third-party efforts.

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My friend, who rarely plays his Wii nowadays and is an extremely hardcore lover of his 360, just called me the other day like a frantic giddy school girl telling me how amazing Excitebots is. It took me hours before I finally believed that he wasn't joking.

Both of us were skeptical, and there was no way I was going to buy this game. I'm actually surprised he bought it. It's now basically his favorite game he's played in a damn long time. He had all the hardest secret characters/cars unlocked before anyone else on any internet gaming site he visited unlocked them. He's a freak over this game.

lol at people thinking the wii is the only system that has ever had bad games.

i mean have you played viva pinata??
wow, what happened to you rare?

hello how are you.

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Excibots is amazing game

i was wondering the same, where does Nintendo get all of these ideas!

man, I have to give this game a try... I always thought it's too wack for me

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They feed with this.




I am very interested about this game. Love Excite Truck.

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LoL, excibots is an amazing game

it's much better when you actually play it than when you see a video

the controls are more accurate than Mario Kart, and my best character let's say is Ladybird : P

there are also so many colors for each character and online (great online), this game rules!