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I feel that as long as you're 18 it's a decision you should make for yourself and I don't look down upon the people that choose to do so. I think they go a little overboard in Hollywood though.


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People get plastic surgery they feel bad about themselves or because they need it( movie stars and politicians only) fatties who get lipo would be better off working out, though may be lipo is better than nothing. I would say people should learn to live with themselves, but if I ever started to go bald, I'd probably buy hair regrowth stuff... so I guess its the same...
If we have the technology and its safe and not obviously fake, why not?

Its your body. You can do what you want. Doing anything for the wrong reason is bad though.

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Plastic pollutes the environment.

I'm against it!

^ lol

I think as soon as I can afford it I am going to get a rhinoplasty, I f**king hate my nose

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I think it is a complete waste of money, and that most people who get it are a little vain. However, overall I'm indifferent towards plastic surgery. Also, I think you must be over 18 to get it unless we are talking about reconstructive surgery due to an accident.

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A crock but a nice capitalistic crock at that

akuma587 said:
Its your body. You can do what you want. Doing anything for the wrong reason is bad though.


Personally I feel it makes people less attractive.  Especially when the surgery is in the chest region on females :D


When you walk it to a bar and people say "DAMN!" (in a bad way). Its really your choise to do something about it.... But i see lots of girls doing it that ABSOLUTELLY have no need for it..... that is my problem.