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lilwingman said:
I'm not saying they should lower the price. If the demand is there, by all means keep it where it is. But raising it is just greed on their part. I guess the billions they were already making wasn't enough. Really makes you wonder where all the money's going, cause it's definitely not going towards game development.


What do you mean greed? From Nintendo's perspective, the Wii has already gotten a 40% price cut in the UK. Raising the MSRP by 10% still leaves UK consumers at a 30% advantage over Nintendo.

If I lived in the UK, I'd be glad if import prices only rose 10%.

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It was about time someone stopped this UK scam! They paid Nintendo and Apple precious HW with used toilet paper!!!
j/k OK, OK, that toliet paper was almost new and chamomile scented!
j/k again... ...NOT!

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So does everyone still expect a spring price cut from Sony with this news from their Japanese counterpart?? Seems more likely that the price cut will have to be delayed further. And if they actually do make the price cut, how money will they be losing at that point? I'm not sure if the currency situation puts them in much better shape outside of the UK either.

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Rhonin the wizard said:

UK, March 11, 2009 - Nintendo is to raise the price of the Nintendo Wii in the UK, adding a further 18-20 GBP to the trade price. 

How much this will affect the street price for consoles, which currently retail at 179.99 GBP, is unknown. "Due to the severe and continuing depreciation of the pound, we are, unfortunately, having to raise our trade price to UK retailers of Wii hardware," said an official statement picked up by gamesindustry.biz, "The price that they then offer to consumers is, of course, up to the retailers." 

Nintendo was quick to defend the price hike, issuing a follow-up statement. "We are only – reluctantly – raising our trade price now to retailers due to unprecedented and sustained depreciation of the pound," said the statement, "This is a problem brought about by extreme currency fluctuations that are a symptom of the global economic situation."

This is only for the UK.

they might be reluctant but not enough to take a hit like some other company would for their consumer




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This has really got my back up (more than I thought it would). Since I already own the system it doesn’t make a huge difference - but what a joke. I understand their reasons for doing it, but think it’s wrong. Don’t they realise people have less money in the UK right now? Nintendo is a very profitable company and the Wii is already an overpriced system. I actually kind of hope this bites them in the arse and I only hope Nintendo will understand when UK consumers "reluctantly" purchase another form of entertainment.


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They are not looking to fleece the consumer, they are increasing the price to retail outlets.

They aren't changing the RRP.

There's no reason at all that Nintendo should take a 40% hit due to exchange rates while propping up retailers' margins.

ouch thats greedy for a console that already brings huge profits.

i was expecting it, nintendo doesn't want to  pay for the use mp3 file format license either.

You think, if the economy worldwide will get worse they might make a hardware revision to reduce manufacturing costs inorder to combat profit loss or something, cause the wii is only console of the three thats still under the 90nm proccess. im just spit balling here but i think reducing the proccessors to at least the 65nm might help them.

Well I understand why they are doing that but partly I think it is greed on their behalf; they are easily winning this generation and they think it is necessary to squeeze another £20 out of each console. If the economy swung wildly in the other direction you can almost guarantee that they wouldn't be taking prompt actions for a £20 reduction in the price...

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Greedy? A business? Really?

Lets look at this from a business stand point. You're selling a console in a country in which the exchange rate of the currency has dropped in half. Do you keep selling it at the same price? No. Nintendo's doing what a business does, making money.